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Getting to Know Me

It's been a journey that I am very thankful for and super excited to share with you.


HI I'm Vero! 

I'm a busy mom of 2 amazing boys, wife and lifelong fitness fan.

I'm also a long distance runner, educator and  a Certified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach.

I'm extremely  passionate about health and movement  and also about the power of raw and whole foods.


I believe in the healing power of natural foods and also love teaching others how to transform their health  by improving their diet and lifestyle.

My Story

Growing up in Colombia and then moving to this country at a very young age, allowed me to understand about the importance of eating real foods vs highly processed foods. Also making time for ourselves to move, connect with nature and do more of what we love doing, is a huge part of our health.


We truly are what we eat and  to fight anxiety and also prevent chronic diseases like migraines and inflammation, has helped me to balance my health and feel good on my own skin. My mission is to get people healthy by eating real foods.

Food Blogger
Healthy Food

My Approach 

It took my own health crisis and then navigated through my son's food allergies and sensitivities to fully understand nutrition.


I teach people simple ways to stay active, become more mindful about their mindset. All are essential pieces to create a healthy, energetic and confident  body. 

My main priority is to educate people about the importance of eating unprocessed foods and build a good relationship with the food they eat for a happier and healthy life.

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