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Food As Fuel

Following are some of my favorite recipes for leading a nourished and inspiring life.

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Avocado toast image_edited.jpg

Avocado Toast

This avocado spread is not only delicious but also one of life's simplest pleasures!


Vegan Cheesy Dip Sauce

This is the closest thing to nacho cheese on the vegan menu. Use as a dip, and you've got a party-ready recipe.

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Energy bites.jpg

No-Bake Protein
Energy Bites

These protein energy bites don't require you to bake, making them quick & easy to prepare!

Green Shake Vero.jpg

Immune Booster
Green Shake

It doesn't get greener than this! A perfect blend of fruits and veggies to create a simple yet delicious shake.

Brand New Kitchen

Cream Corn Soup

 A flavorful creamy soup perfect for cozy winter days. Made with squash.


Cauliflower Tahini Tacos

This is an easy 30-minute recipe with roasted cauliflower and a creamy tangy tahini sauce. It's also plant-based and gluten-free!

Brand New Kitchen

Apple Cinnamon Butter

Autumn is in full swing! Paired with light multigrain crackers, this apple cinnamon butter is a breakfast staple.


Jackfruit Tacos

This is not your ordinary taco platter! Made with jackfruit, this meal packs a punch.


Healthy Pasta Salad 

Made light with healthy ingredients this tasty, gluten free and dairy free pasta salad recipe is one you will make time and again.


Fudgy Black Bean Brownie

These intensely chocolatey treats use pureed black beans to replace some of the fat and sugar in a typical brownie recipe.

Mason Jar Salad.jpg

Mason Jar Salads

Building a salad in a mason jar  keeps it fresh, but also allows you to have a nutritious, satisfying on-the-go lunch all in one container! 

NutBerry Partfia.jpg

Nut & Berry Parfait

A delicious breakfast treat that tastes as good as it looks! Loaded with heart-healthy nuts and served with fresh berries, it’s amazing.


PURIUM  - Organic superfoods

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