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Be Healthy,
Be Happy

Hola, I'm Vero, an IIN certified nutritional coach

(Institute for Integrative Nutrition)


Trusted Partners 

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Improve Your Health, Improve Your Life

As part of my health journey, I have learned to remind myself that I have a purpose as a mom, wife, daughter, sister and of course as a woman. One of my challenges growing up was to face the reality of the toxic surroundings that caused me to get sick and struggle with anxiety and depression. Acknowledging my weaknesses has given me strength and has also allowed me to take the road to learning how to live and behave differently and improve my health. I am very passionate about teaching my loved ones and others to eat well and live a healthier and more natural lifestyle.

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Feel Better Programs

You are not alone!  My programs are built around the concept of community. Join us. 

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Healthy Cooking Classes

6 week program to help kids and also parents to build a healthier relationship with food, become more mindful about what we eat, be more open to try cleaner and healthier choices while understanding the impact that it has on our health, emotions, actions, the environment and other areas of our life.   Join The Cooking Fun! 

The 28 Day Reset

In 28 Days you can: lose weight, get more energy, lower inflammation, or jumpstart you metabolism!    This program will help you stay motivated and get the accountability and support that you need! It's time to get back to better eating and live confidently in your body.  Get Ready To Reset!  

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Pile of Donuts
5 Day Sugar Detox Challenge

It's amazing the powerful impact the eliminating sugar from our diet has on our health.  Are you ready to feel better, move better and just have more energy?   Join The Next Challenge. 

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Working with Vero not only helped me lose weight... it felt like food therapy. The biggest notable change is the alteration to my mood, happiness and self confidence.  I wish I could share Vero with the whole world!

Raquel Langworthy


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